IMPORTANT NOTICE: A Burn Ban is now in effect as of June 12, 2018 for Brazoria County


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Meet our Staff




 Lanny Brown


979-864-1938 (O)


Surveillance Specialist
979-864-2167 (O)
979-215-4846 (C)



Jessica Forgy
Foodborne Surveillance
979-864-2154 (O)
979-215-1228 (C)



Lynwood Patin


979-864-1925 (O)
979-215-9682 (C)



Asset Coordinator



Offices Located at:

1524 E. Mulberry
Suite 185
Angleton TX



Hurricane Harvey Recovery Information

Vaccinations in a Disaster:

Make sure that you are up to date with your vaccines.   For information on vaccines that will protect you from diseases related to exposures in floods and the storm.

Click here

Controlling Mosquitoes After The Storm:

Floods often lead to increased mosquito numbers which can lead to increased numbers of bites and potential for increases in mosquito-borne diseases. Standing water from heavy rainfall and flooding provides perfect conditions for mosquito breeding. You need to play your part and help reduce the number of potential breeding sites by taking the following actions in and around your house.  

Click Here for More Information!

Mold In Your Home?

Click the link here to access information from the EPA to control Mold if your home was flooded in Hurricane Harvey.


What We Do

Disease Surveillance                                    





The Brazoria County Epidemiology Program (Epi) conducts ongoing public health surveillance for over 80 diseases and conditions.

Local surveillance activities include communicable disease surveillance, monitoring emerging infections and the detection and investigation of disease outbreaks.


Flu Surveillance

The Brazoria County Surveillance Program conducts year-round influenza surveillance



Health Preparedness and Response

Brazoria County Health Preparedness (PHEP) program is part of Brazoria County Health Department and coordinates planning and program development within the County. PHEP works with local and state officials, local partners, and private industry to develop workable solutions to protect the public health of Brazoria County residents from the impact of natural or man-made emergencies. It is PHEP's mission to improve county response capabilities through all hazards planning, disease surveillance and epidemiology, public information, and community development.




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